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  Maybe it’s the way her eyes light up when she discloses her hidden passion for the planets,  stumbling on her words trying to remember which one rains diamonds. Perhaps the warmth of her hand as she grabs your arm when you both discover a shared love of deep sea fishing.


This is companionship that checks boxes you didn't even know you had.

Life is made up of moments like this - the connections that arouse all aspects of our being. For the man that craves a warm sensual presence, genuine laughter, flirtatious glances and you know -- just a good ol' date...

Join me for a carefully curated meal in good company, followed by getting to know each other more intimately behind closed doors. If you're anything like me, we will both appreciate the heightened intensity of adding anticipation and genuine connection to the mix.

Date Night (4 hours)

1000 CAD | US

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